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Active Tourism

The natural environment of La Vila Joiosa offers the possibility of enjoying many outdoor activities to make the most of your leisure time. Active tourism, which is not at odds with sun and beach, cultural or gastronomic tourism, has many possibilities in La Vila Joiosa.

On the other hand, the surrounding nature offers you the possibility of discovering fantastic landscapes by bike, or simply by walking, leading you from cliffs shaping the coast to inland landscapes to enjoy the traditional flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.

La Vila Joiosa is your favourite adventure, come and live it!

Snorkeling Routes

The large coastline and the diversity of beaches and coves in La Vila Joiosa allows the practice of different sports in the sea.

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Paths beginning at the beach and going along cliffs, offering endless views of the Mediterranean. Trails with history leading to 16th century anti-corsair defence towers or to the best preserved funerary tower on the peninsula.


Cultural Routes

La Vila Joiosa gathers a third of the BIC (Assets of Cultural Interest) of the Marina Baixa. Buildings that we find in different parts of the city, and that make of La Vila an open-air 'museum'.

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Photographic Route

Nature and history have been generous with La Vila Joiosa, as they left as a present so many special and beautiful places, and there they are waiting for you. Take your camera or your cell phone and enjoy these beautiful urban and natural spaces. Amire them and capture them through your camera lens.

Photographic Route

Nautical Activities

La Vila Joiosa is sea, is Mediterranean. Fortunately our good climate, an annual average of 18º and almost 365 days of sunshine, allows us to enjoy ourselves throughout the year.

Inmers yourself.

Fishing Tourism

The sea in La Vila Joiosa had always been synonymous of sacrifice, work, absences... However, fortunately, decades ago the circumstances changed and La Vila Joiosa found pleasure, fun and entertainment in the sea.

Fishing Tourism

Sports Facilities

La Vila Joiosa is fun and sport. Kayaking, paddle-surfing, rowing, snorkeling, sailing and other nautical activities, hiking trails ... are some options to enjoy our time in a healthy way.